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Additional Mathematics Part 1 (Boot Camp) Program

By The Alpha Explorer Program
  • Additional Mathematics
Additional Mathematics Part 1 (Boot Camp) Program
Price : RM 2800 per Package
About the class

Class level : Beginner .

Number of lessons : 6 lessons for each Package .

Fee Includes
  • Fees: SGD 2,800

  • Duration: 6 Days: 20 November - 25 November 2017
    Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Venue: The Alpha, 10 Science Park Road, Singapore
    [Lunch and 2 Tea-Breaks will be provided during each session]

    Early Bird:
    Early birds are entitled to a 20% discount from the Program fees. To qualify, registration forms and full payment have to be received at least one month prior to the commencement of the Program.
    (Note: The maximum discount allowable in all cases is capped at 20%.)

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What You'll Learn

  • In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!

  • History is actually an important subject. Knowing history well tells us why we are here today. Knowing history really well can sometimes even tell us where we are heading into the future!

  • This program covers topics which are generally covered in a typical first year of Additional Mathematics (in Singapore, that would be the equivalent of Secondary 3 Additional Mathematics)

  • Where possible, we will question the Why’s as a first step to building the requisite foundation in each topic.

  • Where possible, we will break down the concepts into bite-sized pieces that can be “chewed upon” and “chewed upon” until it becomes ready to be applied.

  • The concepts and experiential knowledge gained earlier is then applied to arriving at step-by-step logical solutions optimally.

  • When one understands the concepts and experiential knowledge fully, one then “owns” the knowledge, and never has to return it ever.  This also builds confidence in explorers, and in turn encourages them to be “thinkers” and not just “doers”

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