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Discovery Edu Cove

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To understand how each child learns


Discovery Edu Cove specialises in English Creative & Situational Writing , Complex Problem Solving and Science. Extremely small group with only 6 in a group.

Only centre in the area to use in-house material. Our main focus is using the learning style analysis to understand how the child learns. We believe in the essence of the VAK learning style . VAK (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic).

We were invited to write an article on this topic in the popular magazine, which was publish in Jan/Feb 2012. It features the different teaching methods our trainers use to conduct their lessons to cater to different learning styles.

Our material focuses on the MOE Syllabus and over the years, the trainers were given numerous testimonials by parents and students.

Discovery Edu Cove prides itself on offering much more than the usual academic enrichment options. In fact, we organised a three-day Children’s Bubble Tea Entrepreneurship workshop during the June School Holidays which was very well-received and even made the news.

Students are welcome to visit our library to read books on Science or any story books.

Rest assured that the needs of your child are met at any point in time.

You are welcomed to give us a call for us to conduct a free learning style analysis to your child. No obligations.