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Alex Tiew
  • Gender : Male
  • Teaching Experience : 8 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : Mathematics

Teaching Profile

Dear Prospective Students/Parents,

I am a specialized male Maths tutor for primary and secondary levels. I was consistently ranked among the top 3 performers in maths in my schools previously. I have been giving tuition for the past 8 years and my students' results have always been improving. As such, I am very well-versed with the syllabus. In addition, I also have students taking the IB syllabus. I scored distinctions for both my AMaths and EMaths in my secondary school's day.

From my experience, I have came across many different types of students, be it boys or girls to know that each student has different learning capabilities and personalities. Some respond well to certain methods while others may not. I will be using different teaching methods to ensure each one of them gets the best out from my lessons. I find it very satisfying and rewarding when my students do well in school. 

I am located at AMK and would be keen to take up any Mathematics' assignments from different areas as long as my schedule permits. I do have a really flexible schedule though. I am confident in my ability to improve your child. I really look forward to helping your child get to where he/she deserves and I hope to hear from you soon.

Results from my students in 2014:
1) Pri 6 girl (2014) -> From B in Pri 5 to A in Maths for PSLE
2) Pri 6 boy (2014) -> From E in Pri 5 to B in Maths for PSLE
3) Pri 6 boy (2014) -> From U in Pri 5 to C in Maths for PSLE
4) Sec 1 girl (2014) -> From C in PSLE to 75% in Maths in Secondary 1 final exam


For 2015 students;
1) Primary 6 boy: 'A' student to A* for PSLE Mathematics
2) Secondary 1 boy: D7 to A1 for in less than 6 months
3) Secondary 4 NA girl: She had never passed Mathematics since Secondary 2. Taught her since March 2015 and she managed to get a grade 4 for N levels Mathematics. Currently in Secondary 5. 

I hope you would consider me to be a tutor for Mathematics for your child and I hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you. 


Qualification ,Certificate and Awards

Bsc in Mathematical Sciences (Nanyang Technological University)

Teaching Location

No data available.

Reviews and Ratings

24 Jan 2016
"Thanks Alex. My daughter passed the exam well under your teaching."
24 Jan 2016
"Franz got 76/100 from his final exam in maths. When I saw the result i am very happy. Really appreciate your help, Alex. Thanks again!"
24 Jan 2016
"Thanks Alex. My son has A* for Maths, A for English and Science. Definitely I will intro this tutor to help my nephew and some weaker students !"