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Ng Jesslin (Huang Lao Shi)-Instructor Photo
Ng Jesslin (Huang Lao Shi)
  • Age : 28 Year(s)
  • Gender : Female
  • Teaching Experience : 7 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : Mandarin

Teaching Profile

As a Chinese educator, I believe that each child is a unique individual. Thus when planning a lesson, I always remain conscious of their different learning styles and speeds. My role as a teacher is to help the children by emphasising their individual capabilities and the importance of self-belief.

世上没有教不会的学生, 关键在于选对老师 

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards

I am Huang lao shi who has 7 years of teaching experience.

Teaching Location

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Reviews and Ratings

Simon Lee
17 Jan 2016
"I am very grateful to Huang lao shi for taking in my son Simon - just 5 months before his PSLE. His confidence was at low point, especially after failing for his SA1 Mother Tongue - Chinese (MT). Huang lao shi has been sincere in helping him and even adjusting her schedule to fit in extra lessons. She could connect well with Simon and built up his confidence in the subject as well as encouraging him, and acknowledge his hard work. This showed in his Prelim results which jumped from Band 4 to Band 2! Being able to achieve such result for his MT has made a big impact on Simon's perception of the Chinese language as he finds he can actually attain a decent competency in this subject. I find that Huang Laoshi has good knowledge of the curriculum and knows how to build on the child's strengths so that he/she could equipped with how to approach the exam. She is professional in her conduct as a tutor , providing updates on her lesson plans and on my son's progress, as well as being a reliable person. "
Max and Adam
17 Jan 2016
"Huang Lao Shi started tutoring my younger son Max Ho in 2009. He was still In K2. Max had no interest in the Chinese Language at all. He'll fall asleep during Chinese lessons in school, he could even write his name in Chinese characters! So when I engaged the service of Huang Lao Shi in July 2009, I warned her of my son's temperaments and his short attention span. Huang Lao Shi explained to me that she'll have to start from scratch to prepare Max for Primary 1! And that worked! Back to basics, with the help of audio visual aids, cards, stories and lots of patience. Max took an interested in the subject. He paid attention. He had short breaks and he had fun learning. He managed well. And by the end of Primary 1, Max achieved the "Best Improved "award in his school by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. What an improvement! My elder son Adam started lessons with Huang Lao Shi when he was in P5. Main areas to concentrate on were ??, ???? and ???Adam used to score average for his ?? but since under the tutoring of Huang Lao Shi, his grades for ?? gone up. He's also more confident in his oral. He is able to use a wider range of vocabularies. Huang Lao Shi is very kind, caring and patient. It's shown in her ways when tutoring my sons. Of course, there are days when the boys push her to her limits, don't complete their work or refuse to pay attention, she'll put them in place and discipline them.She has her great ways with the boys, a great support, a great relationship built over the 5years of tutoring. A great friendship as well. "