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Ng Shao Yan-Instructor Photo
Ng Shao Yan
  • Age : 20 Year(s)
  • Gender : Male
  • Teaching Experience : 5 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : JC Chemistry

Teaching Profile

I have around 5 years of tutoring experience and I have been involved frequently in peer tutoring back in my schools. I am a very determined tutor and would put in the extra effort and work to help me student improve. I am also quite patient as I would ensure that my students understand and would not get annoyed by them. I would say I excel in Chemistry as I have consistently done well in that subject and have helped many of my classmates and friends to achieve stellar results in it as well. I have also received scholarships such as the MOE Pre-University Scholarship due to my consistent and good academic results coupled with my CCA achievements and participation. I am most comfortable teaching  Chemistry and I would focus on the teaching of concepts to my students and Chemistry concepts are of paramount importance for once to excel in the subject. I would also impart examination skills, studying tips and other essential techniques to my students for them to improve and reach their fullest potential. After tutoring my Chemistry student for 4 years he made remarkable improvements and have been able to make big strides in the subject improving from a U grade in JC1 to an A in his A levels.

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards

Wellington Primary School, Catholic High School, Hwa Chong Institution

O level results:English A1, Chinese A1, Higher Chinese A1, E Math A1, A Math A1, Physics A1, Chemistry A1, Biology A1, History A1, Combined Humanities A1

A level results: General Paper A, Biology A, Chemistry A, Economics A, Mathematics A

Teaching Location

No data available.